Month: January 2013

Logo specials

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Logo specials for our new customers. For a limited time we will be providing 2 logos for the price of one!

That’s it! No gimmicks, no tactics, no heart ache! It’s that simple!

We have always provided to most personable service in the high desert. And would like to extend that to our online clients too!

As always, with our logo service comes the highest in creativity and quality that you have come to expect from the AO Graffix family.

Look forward to meeting you soon!

We offer Skype service to our out of state clientele.

– J.Harper. AO Graffix
Freelance Graphic Designer
760-780-3379 Hesperia Ca


Start up businesses, Are they a good idea?

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Just a simple and quick thought for the day. Are startup businesses a good idea?

In this current economy it seems if you don’t have a multiple million dollar powerhouse backing you. Then you likely will not make it.

I’ve seen many startups out together a great business model with fantastic ideas, only to see that business gone months later.

The current trend seems to be that the large corporations buy out these small businesses or buy their ideas.

Do you feel this is true? And if so why is it happening?

Do you feel there is a chance for the “little guy”? And if so, please blog your thoughts in the response


– J.Harper. AO Graffix
Freelance Graphic Designer
760-780-3379 Hesperia Ca

Bring quality Back

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Quality in service in my opinion is the most important thing we can provide to one another. What eer happened to personal service? Simple customer service? That personal touch? It truly has been lost in the corporate American business model.

Mom and Pop business lost to large super inflated monster warehouses. Where you can buy a shotgun, donut, get a hair cut and have your family holidays photos done by a seasonal worker who barely knows how to turn the power on his corporate owned medium framed camera.

Well, I’m tired of it! I personally offer the customer service experience in my business that I would like to receive. I want my service person to be knowledgeable, experienced and willing to help. Even if they are lacking some of those qualities, trying goes a very long way these days!

I will not mention any names, as I cannot be held liable. But, we all have to understand what I am saying at this point. America has lost one of the most important qualities that clearly had defined us for many years. Personable, friendly customer service. Treating people how they want to be treated.

It’s a shame. Our need for Instant gratification has ruined so many things about us.

I can go on forever on this subject. Making point after point. I only briefly wanted to remind us what we need to get back to.

– J.Harper. AO Graffix
Freelance Graphic Designer
760-780-3379 Hesperia Ca