Month: December 2013

Do it yourself SEO! Quit paying!

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Good morning everyone,I was talking to my business partner the other day about another clients webpage. And we were discussing a “plan of attack” for their SEO, a,d how we could put them in the map, without paying for it! That's the key, how does one get their business found without paying for over inflated SEO scams and tools? Now, don't get me wrong, there are plenty of legitimate companies out there offering a truly valuable product to help boost your “Search Engine Optimization”, fact is, they are still quite over inflated and full of themselves. If one could figure out how to market themselves on the Internet, then the shies the limit!

We've been offering this very valuable service for $35 lately to many of our clients and will continue to offer it. Quite frankly, it's helped put ,any of our clients on the map, so to speak. And while yes, I'm talking about services that gouge you for their SEO specialties etc.. I do charge myself. Shop around. A $35 dollar monthly SEO service fee is nominal to say the least. You can contact us, and well put together a service plan for you and your business that will increase your bottom line inside of 3 months by at least 20%! It's simple, we target you key demographic and focus our efforts there.

But, what we really want to do is, teach our clients how to do this on their own. It's really quite simple and ultimately your business could eventually grow quite soon. In only a few short moths we've seen small business' that we've taken on as clients grow to hiring 10 employees in several cases.

If that's not you, and you don't want to grow, you dorm have to. You are in control of this ship, aren't you? Give us 3 months to help you learn how to build your SEO up. These are not industry secrets or some lame scam. It's all proven and black & white. Social media is the KEY! Well show you how to increase your profit and grow as a business. We will take the reigns for the first 3months at $35 a month, while we teach you what we do. This way we can all quit paying for services we can all do. It's like charging for water, oh wait, the do! Get ahold of us, we'll explain what we do. And hopefully gain your business, our purpose is to gain you as a client. That you might hire us to provide a service that isn't so easy, is; buying a custom website, logo etc.

We look forward to hearing from you and will leave you with a few links to our social media. Good luck and remember, if you can do it yourself, why continue to pay for it!

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High Desert Graphic & Web Design

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Hello world! How are you all doing today? Me personally, I'm so very proud to announce that we will be working on a large project with a very large client. Had a meeting today at the coffee shop that helped us solidify our future role with this client. A quick note, and moving on…

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It's been real cold out lately High Desert! Why not show your pride and love, admiration a d respect for your hometown? Get yourself a I love HD Hoddie.

Looking for a new custom Header for the holidays for your social media sites? Let us help you. $25 100% custom headers till the end of December.


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