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Donate $1-$2 mo. For freebies and mentions on our Social Sites!

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Looking for a way to help contribute to our cause? As you know the life of a freelancer, working from job to job can be a hard one. Trying at times, it's always uplifting to find that a fan or friend cares to help. Why not help us a bit and receive something in return? Donate $1 or $2 a month to our Pantheon account, and receive free logos, designs and hi arable mentions on all our daily posts from all our various social media.

We apreciate you so much, thank you!



How to subscribe to out Feedburner blog . We know you know how to find is here, but what about our other blog?


Here's how

Follow us on Twitter or on Facebok. We're MOSTY on Instagram though.


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We pleased to announce will will be opening a new YouTube page for all of you to rate and subscribe to.

Oh, but it'll be so much more!

We will be offering commentary and reviews on IOS apps, video games and tutorials for the budding to experienced graphic designer.

Our perspective and over all “how to” videos on Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver should find themselves useful to you!

Stay tuned for the release date on this channel coming soon!